Heritage Series: Visita Iglesia in Sta. Ana Church, Pampanga

Tradition dictates that in Visita Iglesia (Church Visitation), one has to complete the 14 Stations of the Cross – the commemoration of Jesus Christ’s last day on Earth – in seven churches. Prayers and personal intentions may be murmured after finishing each Station of the Cross.

This age-old Filipino custom, believed to have originated in Rome, is certainly worth preserving, not just to strengthen faith but also to teach both young and old to appreciate art and history.

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Puerto Princesa Food Diary

Food and travel invariably go together. To taste local signature cuisine is to have a bite of a region’s culture, heritage and way of life. When we recently visited Puerto Princesa City, we discovered that it had a lot to offer in terms of food, both exotic and familiar.

We found out also that one of its biggest agricultural crops is cashew, thus expect to find cashew nut products in most pasalubong (souvenir) shops around the city.

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