Where to Eat in Baler

When in Baler, you can never run out of places to eat. There are numerous food stalls in the town proper as well as restaurants offering a good variety of flavorful dishes and price points that fit one’s budget. Another thing that we love most about Baler was that food in most restaurants were affordable and of good quality.

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Discovering Baler: Hearty Breakfast at Costa Pacifica’s The Beach House

Probably the highlight of our stay at Costa Pacifica was our buffet breakfast at The Beach House. As with our previous hotel breakfasts, we looked forward to this one, excited to taste the flavors Costa Pacifica had to offer. When we arrived for breakfast, we were not disappointed to see the huge spread with piles of crispy bacon as the centerpiece.

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Discovering Baler: Romantic Dinner at Costa Pacifica’s The Beach House


Globes of light hanging from the ceiling

Too lazy to go downtown for dinner, we decided to try The Beach House, Costa Pacific’s signature restaurant. The restaurant was very roomy, with an open entrance and high ceiling. 

Orbs of light hung from the ceiling, like glowing bubbles illuminating the entire space. Surprisingly, the restaurant was not air-conditioned although the large sliding glass walls were open, letting the sea breeze in. Despite the humid air, the sound of the waves from Sabang Beach provided a touch of allure and romance to our meal.

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Discovering Baler: Staying at Casitas Bed and Breakfast


Casitas Bed and Breakfast

When I was searching for an overnight accommodation in Baler, Casitas Bed and Breakfast caught our fancy amidst the multitude of home stays, inns and transient houses because of its limited occupancy (which means no overcrowding), well-designed rooms and affordable room rate that is already inclusive of buffet breakfast at its sister establishment, Bay’s Inn. Booking was a breeze because their staff was very accommodating and easy-to-talk-to, considering that we inquired four days before we went to Baler and booked a day before our trip.

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