Fried Chicken exemplar at Lolo Claro’s Restaurant

 Picture 155
The restaurant’s facade

We discovered this homey little place while we were on our way back to Manila from our Pico de Loro trip. We did not have time to cook lunch because our check out time from Pico de Loro was 12 noon. While at Naic, Cavite, we made a quick stopover to have our tires inflated. We asked around for recommendations for the best restaurant in the area and we were told to go to Lolo Claro’s, just a few meters behind us. We drove back and instantly saw the signages announcing that we have found Lolo Claro’s.

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Pico de Loro Overnight Trip

What better way to reward oneself than to head out of town for an adventure. Just recently, my wife’s team went to Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club to celebrate the promotion of some of their teammates. Never mind the incessant threat of a heavy rain and the long drive, the trip to this beautiful oasis was worth it.

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