Looking Back: How Traveling Changed My Life

In many ways, traveling gave me back my life.

About 5 or so years ago, I took a long, hard look at my life, carefully assessed it and realized that I’ve been wasting a good deal of it in a small cubicle. Since I started working, my world became limited to a restrictive cube farm. I strived to conquer the corporate jungle with much gusto and actually convinced myself that a thriving office career was the sole definition of success.

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Please vote for The Introverted Weekender in the 2015 Philippine Blogging Awards (#bloggys2015) – Personal/Diary Category

This humble blog has been nominated to the 2015 Philippine Blogging Awards (#bloggys2015). I need your votes, my dear friends, to help me win the People’s Choice Award.

Here’s how to vote for The Introverted Weekender:

  1. Open http://bloggys.ph/.
  2. Under Vote Now, go to Section 5 (Blogs starting from letters T-Z).
  3. From the list that will appear, look for theintrovertedweekender.com and tick it.
  4. In the field at the bottom of the page, please enter your information and cast your vote.

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My Liebster Award Nomination


This blog was nominated for the Liebster Award! My gratitude goes to Jaime of MixedBlessings (www.partangel.com) for this honor.

For those of you who are not aware, the Liebster Award nomination is given to newbie bloggers or those who have less than 200 followers. As a way of paying forward, the nominee is required to recommend 11 other bloggers.

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Morning Traffic

While looking out of the window of his car, he realized that being stuck in traffic wasn’t so bad after all. Instead of anguishing because of the thought of receiving a tardiness memo, he took advantage of the moment to observe the things around him. 

He felt a certain kind of calm; he seized the moment to free his mind. Unexpectedly, he has found his quiet time for the day. Being at that moment, that unconventional peace, gave him a different perspective. That standstill allowed him to notice the things around him that he normally took for granted. The quaint, old houses; that little coffee shop, the furniture shop, the small bakery, and the green, flowery garden were all but new experiences for him. There weren’t really unusual or new about the things he saw. What surprised him was the fact that he was seeing these things just now when he had been passing by this avenue for the last two years now.

He took stock of the things that he was supposed to do that weekend – the grocery, clean the garage and pull out weeds in the backyard. Most of these, he thought, were not really urgent and could wait another week. He thought about his wife. It had been three weeks since they last went out on a date. Perfect. This, he thought, was a place that his wife would also surely love. 

He decided they would give this place a visit this coming Saturday. He thought of the lovely afternoon in the coffee shop or the scent of fresh leaves at the garden store. How nice it must be to have a slice of sans rival and a cup of hot, black coffee, with the cool afternoon breeze to set the mood. He smiled to himself. They would visit the plant garden shop after their coffee and buy some new pots for their own small garden.

He was in the middle of his daydream when he was suddenly jolted by the horn of the car blowing behind him. He didn’t notice that the green light was on. It was time to head off to the office. At least, for the coming weekend, he had something to look forward to.